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Just released - our 2023 Crypto Trading Handbook

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Trading and Analysis

Trading is the process of buying and selling cryptocurrencies, generally through crypto exchanges. Analysis is the act of predicting future price movements based on historical data and trends (technical analysis) or finding the underlying value (fundamental analysis) of an asset.

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Learn about Trading and Analysis

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6 Potential Crypto Bear Market Mistakes 

A crypto bear market can be a scary time for investors. Learn about some of the potential mistakes investors can make during this period.

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Top Day Trading Strategies 

Day trading refers to buying, selling and exchanging crypto assets within a short-term window. The guide outlines the top crypto day trading strategies.

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How to Identify Support and Resistance Levels 

Support and resistance levels are one of the most essential concepts in technical analysis. This article explains how to effectively identify them.

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How to Identify Crypto Market Trends

Identifying crypto market trends is one of the most valuable skills an investor can have. This guide explains why market trends are important and how to recognise them.

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What is a Golden Cross and a Death Cross?  

Golden and death crosses are powerful crypto chart patterns that can help identify long-term trend reversals. This article explains how to identify and trade them.

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What is the MACD? 

The MACD is a valuable crypto analysis tool that can be used to spot momentum shifts and identify exit and entry points if combined with other indicators.

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Timing the Market vs Time in the Market in Crypto

This article explores the difference between timing the market and time in the market, two approaches investors can use to guide their crypto investments.

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Trading Crypto with Bollinger Bands  

Bollinger Bands are a valuable technical indicator for traders of any skill level. They can help assess market volatility and determine potential entry and exit points.

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Bear Market Trading Strategies

Navigating a crypto bear market can be challenging for investors. Read this guide to learn more about strategies that you can utilise.