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There is a vast world of information about cryptocurrency and blockchain. Swyftx Learn is an educational platform full of high-quality, crypto-related resources, a map that will help you navigate your way through this exciting world.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Education

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Intro to Cryptocurrency

An introduction to the world of cryptocurrency, covering topics like how crypto works, investing strategies, and mistakes to avoid.

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Intro to Bitcoin

An introduction to Bitcoin, which covers what Bitcoin is and how it works, as well as exploring topics such as Bitcoin mining and Bitcoin halving.

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Trading and Analysis

A look at trading and analysis, exploring topics like market cycles, trading strategies, technical analysis, and fundamental analysis.

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Intro to Ethereum

A deep dive into the Ethereum network, covering how Ethereum works, smart contracts, gas fees, and ERC-20 tokens.

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Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

An in-depth look at decentralized finance (DeFi), which explores topics like how DeFi works, decentralized applications (dApps), staking, and decentralized exchanges (DEXs).

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An introduction to the exciting and innovative world of altcoins, which covers what altcoins are, the different kinds of coins and tokens, and how to build a diverse portfolio.

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A deep dive into blockchain, which explains how it works, and covers topics like Proof of Work (PoW), Proof of Stake (PoS), and the blockchain trilemma.

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Investing for Beginners

An introduction to crypto investing, which covers how to identify good cryptocurrencies to invest in. It also provides some different investment and diversification strategies.

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NFTs for Beginners

An in-depth look at non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which covers what NFTs are and how they work, the most popular NFTs, and how to buy and make your own NFT.

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An introduction to good crypto security practices, which explores topics like creating a strong password, how to avoid scams, and ensuring you are withdrawing on the correct network.

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There is a lot to learn when you first get into the crypto market. This article discusses the six most common crypto mistakes to avoid as a beginner.

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How to Store Cryptocurrency

After you buy cryptocurrency, you will need a place to store it. Cryptocurrency is stored in a crypto wallet. Learn more about storing crypto.

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Cryptocurrency Categories and Use Cases

There are thousands of cryptocurrencies and most of them seek to solve a problem. Learn more in this guide about crypto categories and use cases.

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Lesson Archive

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What is Litecoin (LTC)? 

Litecoin is often seen as the silver to Bitcoin's gold. This article explores what Litecoin is, how it works, and why some people prefer it to Bitcoin. 

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How to Make Your Own NFT 

NFTs have recently exploded in popularity. Some people have made millions from selling NFT artwork. This guide will show you how to make your very own NFT.

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Bear Market Trading Strategies

Navigating a crypto bear market can be challenging for investors. Read this guide to learn more about strategies that you can utilise.

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What is a Rug Pull in Crypto? 

Rug pulls are a form of crypto scam that offer rates or incentives too good to be true in order to steal investors' money. Read this guide to learn more.

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How to Do Your Own Research in the Crypto World

In the crypto world, investors need to do their own research, or they could get burned. This guide reveals how to spot hidden gems and avoid land mines.

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What is the Crypto Fear and Greed Index? 

The crypto Fear and Greed Index uses fundamental, technical, and sentiment metrics to analyse the state of the crypto market. Learn about how it works.

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What are Moving Averages in Crypto? 

Moving averages provide a useful perspective on the price movements of an asset. This guide explains how they work and how to understand them.

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What is Slippage in Crypto? 

Slippage is the difference between the expected price of a trade and executed price. Learn how slippage works and how to reduce your risk.

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What is Impermanent Loss?

Impermanent loss is an important risk factor to consider when committing crypto assets to a liquidity pool. Learn how it works and how to reduce risk.